How to Prevent Spoiled Food at Your Restaurant

How to Prevent Spoiled Food at Your Restaurant

A worker who knows how to prevent spoiled foods in his restaurant.

A trustworthy staff, a building, a tempting menu—there’s a lot a restaurant needs in order to run.

Of course, nothing can happen without the food. So it’s not surprising that one of the biggest fears of any restaurant owner is spoiled food—either from a refrigeration unit failure or a prolonged power outage.

If your fridge dies, you’ll either have to fix the refrigeration unit or buy a new one. A situation like this (or a power outage) means you’ll have to relocate food to another refrigeration source or rely on an emergency generator. Either emergency requires swift action or you’ll be at risk of losing thousands of dollars’ worth of spoiled food. For a small restaurant, this can be catastrophic.

Three tips on how to prevent spoiled food

You can’t prevent power outages. And sometimes you can’t even prevent a refrigeration breakdown. But there are ways to reduce the chances of having spoiled food. Here are three tips on how to prevent spoiled food:

  • Routinely check your refrigeration units to ensure temperatures are in the correct range, that the compressor and coils are clean, and that the compressor fan has good airflow.
  • Always replace worn door gaskets to save energy.
  • Keep the temperature set at or below 40 degrees to keep the food at a safe—but not freezing—temperature.

Your insurance coverage can help

Sometimes food spoilage happens even if you know how to prevent spoiled food at your restaurant. If your refrigeration sputters out, it’s comforting to know that Erie Insurance offers restaurant insurance that includes coverage options for mechanical and electrical breakdown. This coverage option helps you get broken equipment like a refrigerator repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. There are also coverage options for income loss and food inventory lost from either an electrical or mechanical failure.

Looking to learn more about how to protect your restaurant from the unexpected? Then contact an Erie Insurance Agent in your community for more information about restaurant insurance and a free quote.

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